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Help for Parents and Athletes


Parents and athletes need to manage their SportsEngine accounts to ensure they get the most out of their Ocala Power United Volleyball experience during each sporting season. With their accounts properly configured, athletes and their families will receive communications according to their preferences and be able to complete registrations more efficiently.  


Every program that Ocala Power United offers will have an online registration that will require you to have a SportsEngine Account.  Please click the link above to learn how to create yours.

NOTE: If you are the parent/guardian of a participating athlete, please create the account under your name and email address. You will be able to add your athlete to your SportsEngine account as a sub profile later during the registration and/or rostering process.

Becoming a member of a SportsEngine website connects your profile with that particular sports organization. Once you are a member, that organization will be able to easily communicate with you, invoice your account if need be, and update you on any relevant information plus much more.

Adding Guardians allows the SprotsEngine account owners to receive messaging about athletes under either account as well as access private team pages. 

For family members that do not have a SportsEngine account but need to receive messages for an athlete, you can add their email to your SportsEngine account.

Once you've created your account, add your mobile phone so you can receive text messages from your team manager or coach.

The SportsEngine mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices and is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Note: The SportsEngine app does not give you everything that is on your team page through our website so you will want to bookmark your team page through a web browser and visit your team page often for any new information and links for tournament and hotel information.

Coaches and team managers need to know if you are going to able to attend a game or practice. You can easily RSVP using the mobile application.